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Welcome to the Holtan House Website

Mr. H. James (Jim) Holtan created and established ORC Industries in June 1966. He worked diligently for 21 years to forward ORC Industries” mission of employing persons with disabilities. Everyone who knew Jim liked him. When it came time to open the first ORC Industries Adult Family Home, it seemed obvious that it should be called the Holtan House in remembrance of our founder and friend Jim Holtan.

Holtan House Adult Family Homes is a new-construction triplex located in the scenic Abbey Road Development in north Onalaska, Wisconsin. The homes are 100% accessible for persons with disabilities, with one-level construction and zero-grade entry and egress. Each house includes four private bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which is fully wheelchair accessible. The target population is persons with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, or physical disabilities. Persons with multiple disabilities are also encouraged to apply for residency.